Apertura à l'Academia Belgica

17 juin 2018

sound installation

call - part 1 


mini speaker hidden  in a metal conic umbrella holder

mix : muezzin in Cairo / church bells in Rome / children in Testaccio


call - part 2

auditorium (first floor)

4 speakers in each corner 

mix : palm reading in via del corso, Rome / vespers in the monastery of agostino santi quattro coronati, Rome


installation de dessins


spazi aperti
accademia di romania, roma
june 2018

lacuna is a gap, a blank space, a missing point
in latin, a pool, a cavity
lake comes from lacus

the tale of the stolen veil would have inspired the swan lake
here the veil is faceless, the image is disappearing
swans are flying somewhere, some are migrating
I’m looking for a girl
the sound of her voice


spazi aperti
accademia di Romania, Rome
june 2018

in italian, sonno is sleep 
sono means I am as well as they are.

in this project I’ve send my dreams to people from the past who used to lived in accademia di romania
( at that time french was the academic langage in use )


spazi aperti
accademia di Romania, Roma
juin 2018

close from travel diary, using various media - drawing, painting, writing, video, sound… dreams, found images and papers - material used as time’s residues to dialogue with the absence.


I wander in Rome, picking up residues, drawing on papers details, fragments, remains.